According to statistics of UNESCO ,Water crisis result in 6,000 deaths each year in Africa, about 300 million people in Africa living a poor life because of water lack. In the next 20 years, At least 500 million people in Africa will in a living predicament due to the lack of water. Water is the source of life, today, water pollution problems growing fast, the world is facing serious challenges of rational using water resources. Whether in the developed United States, or in China, water pollution and scarcity problems seriously affect people’ life quality and social economic development.
In China, though the media coverage gradually open attitude and the number of water pollution problem, but public still only grasp limited information. Especially in rural areas, directly drinking of non-drinking water supply network, water quality information including well water, groundwater and surface water , this concern of social is also very limited.
So we will gather high school and university students who is interested in and concerns about the state of global water resources, are willing to protect the safety of water resources , use the specialized testing tools to test water quality with us and get safe drinking water data, analysis the water quality information we have in this way, build a national drinking water safety information on visual information and data sharing sites sociability platform APP. Finally, Let everyone view and exchange water quality anywhere, across the country to promote safety awareness raising trend ,increase public awareness of their own drinking water quality and safety of drinking water , promote the production of drinking water from all sectors of security solutions, and improve drinking water safety.
The project organized by woodpecker education and China water quality map platform MyH2O initiated at MIT professor Susan Murcott and Chinese Academy of Engineering Master, the incumbent MyH2O team project director Huang full guidance, Nanchang in Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake (China’s largest freshwater), Jingdezhen to conduct a survey about the non-piped drinking water, and explore the relationship between the Yangtze River, the ancient capital of Jingdezhen porcelain surrounding non-potable water and natural water pollution network between the houses to collect water quality data, scientific analysis, to the research results and integrated into the Chinese quality network map, the social public, raise awareness of the quality of attention and awareness.