In our lives, everyday has a litter different
Today, leaves are dry and yellow, tomorrow may germinate
Today is extremely hot,tomorrow may rain
Public welfare, likes continual dropping wears
Everything we do will improve our environment
It is a nice thing just thinking
Hope you participate us,and show with others

Maybe you don’t know what is “World Water Day”
In order to arouse public awareness of water, establish a more comprehensive system of sustainable water resource and corresponding operating mechanism, Jan.1 18th,1993. 47th Session of the UN General Assembly on the recommendation of the United Nations Environment and Development Conference developed a “21st Century Agenda for Action” put forward by the resolution No. 193.Make sure that since 1993, the annual March 22th is “World Water Day”,which ^^^strengthen the protection of water resources and solve the increasingly serious problems of water shortage.At the meantime, according to extensive publicity and education activities, increase public awareness of water resources’ development and protection. Let us save water, and do not let the least water becomes our drop.

And maybe, you don’t know the slogans of”World Water Day” in these years?
1994th Caring for Our Water Resources Is Everyone’s Business.
1995th Women and Water
1996th Water for Thirsty Cities
1997th Is There Enough
1998th Groundwater — The Invisible Resource
1999th Everyone lives Downstream
2000th Water For the 21st Century
2001th Water And Health-taking Charge
2002th Water For Development
2003th Water For The Future
2004th Water And Disasters
2005th Water For Life
2006th Water And Culture
2007th Water Scarcity
2008th International Year Of Sanitation
2009th Transboundray Water-the Water Sharing,Sharing Opportunities
2010th Communicating Water Quality Challenges and opportunities
2011th water for cities
2012th Water and Food Security
2013th Water Cooperation
2014th Water and Energy
2015th Water and Sustainable Development

Water is the survival of all life, most indispensable and irreplaceable natural resource in environmental factors and society-economic development. However, Population growth in modern society、the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production activities has a huge impact for limited water resource and water environment. Globally, the pollution of the water, swiftly growth need of water, and sectoral competitive development makes water shorter and shorter, water environment gets worse. Seriously affected the social and economic development.
Now we invent you
Participate in us
The photos you take, is what we need
Start with finding water around us
Let’s pay attention to public welfare.

“World Water Day”public photograph competition
Submission time: 3.13-3.28
Work content: mainly including water
You can conform each one of this follow:
1. Surrounding water quality, you can reflect the beauty of nature and ecology, and it can have critical and warning significance. The object of photograph can be rivers and creeks, seas and lakes, pools of dormitories, drinking foundations in teaching buildings, family sinks, community pools and so on.
2. Behaviors and attitude of saving and protecting water. It can reflect the status of Man and the water environment in harmony.
Works Requirements
– Call for all people who concerned about the environment, Any device, Any Time, Any Place.
– require for specific subject, which reflect the activity’s theme about environmental quality and cultural reception;
– The competition will collect single works mainly, but also for a group photo stories(according to the number of photos no more than six).Each resolution of work at least 2MB, be able to clearly convey the picture content;
– Works shall be original create by author, may be suitably cutting and other processing, but does not significantly modify the original, post-synthesis;
– Works’ angle, as much as possible new and diverse with a certain sense of visual impact.

Selection Method
We have solicitation, initial assessment, WeChat interactive voting and final evaluation the four areas named winners in Photography Contest.
Organizers will have a preliminary assessment at the end of Solicitation , focused display the initial assessment finalists in MyH2O official WeChat platform, and interactive voting,show outstanding works.
These good works will enter the final rounds of assessment, we will selected corresponding awards and announce the list of winners and will show on MyH2O official WeChat platform.
Please contribute to:
(The competition will only accept electronic works)
Mail subject as “World Water Day +Photo Name +author + phone number”
Send photos as The jpg format .
Attach photos and text description of the message (stories about work, etc.)
1.Entries work are likely to be used for MyH2O water projects to promote its;
2, if the entries related to image rights, copyrights, copyright and other legal disputes, responsibility.
3, the final interpretation of all MyH2O Chinese water quality mapping platform.